7 Tips to Spruce Up Your New Condo

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So you’re thinking of buying a condo, or you’ve already gone ahead and bought yourself one. The next logical step for you is to spruce it up and make it look like home, but unfortunately, you don’t quite know where to start.

Luckily for you, we have a couple of tips that you can use to turn your new condo into a place that you would want to go home to every night.

1. Display Family Photos

Take those photos out of those photo albums and into frames that you can hang on your walls.

Not only will they make your empty walls look less drab; they’ll also instantly soothe your heart whenever you feel the need to see your family and loved ones.

family photos on the wall

2. Put Chairs in the Bedroom

Have you ever arrived home from work, gone straight to your bedroom, and, tired from everything you had to go through the entire day, just plopped straight down on your bed because you had nowhere else to sit? Putting a chair in the bedroom will solve that (and will save your bed from having to be soiled by your outside clothes).

Bonus: The chair in the bedroom can also double as the place where you put clothes-that-are-too-clean-for-the-closet-but-are-too-dirty-for-the-hamper. You’re welcome.

3. Paint Your Walls a Light Color

light color painted walls

All interior designers know that painting walls a light color makes the room look bigger and less stifling.

It can also make you feel relaxed, which is something all of us wants to feel the moment we step inside the door and leave the outside world behind.

4. Consider Putting In House Plants

Plants are another way to make your condo look more cozy. Try aloe, anthurium, peace lily and snake plant to make your condo look more inviting and more homey. Chinese evergreen is another great house plant, as is dracaena and parlor palm.

5. Layer Your Rugs

Most of us are used to just putting on one layer on the floor and forgetting all about it. But have you considered that putting on two or more layers would make for a more eye-catching (and not to mention, softer) floor?

Try laying down a small rug with a loud, interesting design on top of a bigger rug in a neutral color and see how it will change the way you look at your floors.

rugs designs

6. Try Open Storage

We’ve grown so used to having all our belongings behind closed doors: clothes, accessories, pantry items, foodstuffs, kitchen equipment, etc. Try investing in a couple of open shelves or racks where you can showcase all your stuff and see for yourself how this can make your condo look more open and inviting.

7. Use Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking at yourself anymore; these days, more and more condo owners are using mirrors to make a space look bigger that it actually is. Mirrors also reflect light so it can make your condo look brighter and warmer. Try it for yourself and see how it goes.

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