Why More Toronto Families Are Adopting the Condo Lifestyle

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Living room of a condo

It’s no secret that over recent years, sales of condos have increased dramatically, while sales of single-family housing have decreased by comparison. We used to associate condos with single city dwellers, and young professionals, however, that is no longer the case. We’re seeing a considerable increase in parents choosing to raise their children in the heart of downtown Toronto. This shift has not gone unnoticed by developers, as we start to see more and more condo buildings offering amenities such as playrooms, day care services, and playgrounds as well as space for strollers in lobbies and hallways, and more spacious units with three or more bedrooms. So why are Toronto families choosing the condo lifestyle? Read on for some of the main reasons.


With ever-increasing costs of both renting and buying, condos offer a much more affordable alternative to expensive single-family housing. The price gap between condos and detached houses is vast, allowing condo parents to have more disposable income to spend on their children while living in a more luxurious and modern home.


Coffee shopMany parents also enjoy the convenience of condo life. Many buildings have a grocery store on the ground level, meaning that rushing out for diapers takes just minutes. Shops, restaurants, parks, and schools are within easy walking distance to many condo buildings, so many families choose not to spend money on a car and enjoy having everything they need on their doorstep. Working parents benefit from a significantly shorter commute, as many find that they can get to work in as little as 15 minutes, rather than driving an hour each way from the suburbs. They love that this allows them to spend much more quality time with their children.


swimming pool apartmentAs mentioned above, many condos now offer family-friendly amenities. Many parents find that this helps to make up for living in a smaller home, as communal areas feel like an extension of their unit. With play areas, sports courts and swimming pools, there is plenty to entertain children without leaving the building. These amenities also allow condo parents to meet other families and build a community. The children make friends, while the parents connect with other parents, often leading to babysitting swaps and a few extra pairs of eyes on your children while they’re playing. While it’s not the same as allowing your kids to run free in the backyard, this kind of community is much easier to build in condos.

The Future of Condo Families

Condos are an excellent option for families who choose quality over quantity. Of course, single-family housing will offer a larger living space with a back yard, and plenty of storage space, however many families choose to give this up in favor of more family time, more disposable income for family activities, and the benefit of kid-friendly amenities without leaving home. Experts predict that the number of condo families will continue to increase, as more and more developers plan to build family-orientated buildings.

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