Why Canadian Real Estate Is a Hotspot for International Investors

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Canadian real estate attracts a significant number of investors from all over the globe. Buyers from all countries are welcomed with no restrictions on how much or what kind of real estate they can purchase. Despite the introduction of foreign buyer taxes in Vancouver and Toronto in 2017, Canada remains a hot spot for international real estate investors for several reasons, aside from the wide variety of exciting real estate options.

Tall buildingsInternational investors view Canada as a safe and familiar option because the country and its major cities are well known all around the world. Canada’s strong property laws provide protection and reassurance for buyers, so they view it as a safer option. The countries investor protections and consistent real estate performance add a higher level of comfort. Many international buyers also appreciate that English is widely spoken across Canada as they find this reassuring. These factors make purchasing, financing and re-selling real estate in Canada easier and more profitable than many other countries.
Canada’s financial strength is another major factor. International buyers regard the country as having one of the most stable financial and banking establishments around, which inspires confidence in investors. Furthermore, this helps to retain a consistent market performance, making Canadian real estate a much less risky option compared to other countries.

International investors see the excellent prospects for growth in the country, with high employment rates and a booming and diverse economy. Energy, technology, and exports are playing an increasingly active role in the economy, and global brands are ever-increasing in Canada. The strong economy is excellent news for those who wish to invest in retail malls, office buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

Canada offers investors the opportunity and flexibility of short-term, mid-term and long-term investments. Western Canada, in particular, is growing fast and is likely to continue doing so for years. This provides buyers with plenty of options for investment, high-quality properties and no shortage of renters in both commercial and residential real estate. Put simply; the income opportunities are consistent. Importantly, this also provides plenty of exit opportunities for short-term investors, due to how appealing the real estate is to other potential buyers. Therefore, Canada is an excellent option for those looking to invest for a short or extended amount of time, as well as those who want flexibility.

Teacher and studentsFinally, reports have shown that the excellent educational opportunities in Canada appeal to property investors. The government has taken steps to significantly increase the number of foreign students studying in Canada, and numbers are growing every year. Canadian tuition fees are cheaper than those in the USA, and Canada also boasts a first-class education system which is very appealing to foreign students. As the number of international students has increased year-over-year, so has the number of foreign property investors, suggesting that they are attracted by the educational opportunities of the country.

To summarise, there are several factors which attract international investors to Canada, including safety and familiarity, financial strength, a strong economy, excellent investment opportunities and a first-rate education system.

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